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The Mission

VA Disability Appeals

If you get a negative Rating Decision from the VA, you have two choices: give up or appeal. The VA makes mistakes - a lot of them. It is for this reason that you should not give up before talking to a VA-accredited Veterans Attorney. Contrary to popular belief, the VA doesn't automatically say "no" to every claim - they're usually just missing some of the information required to say "yes." If the information is there, we will help you find it.

What It Takes

To get the VA to rule in your favor, at any level, your argument requires four things - think of them as wheels on a car. If any of the wheels are missing, or even damaged, the argument won't roll, and the VA won't buy it. You need:

   1. The right kind of discharge;

   2. A current diagnosed disability;

   3. Proof that you were injured in service; AND

   4. Proof that #3 caused #2.

This Is What I Do - Daniel A. Shawl

I have dedicated my professional life to helping Veterans in their fights with their VA appeals. Working as a Veteran's Attorney is both an honor and a privilege that I will never take for granted. I'm a Veteran of the US Navy like my father before me. My father-in-law and an uncle are both Marine Corps Veterans, another uncle served Proudly in the Air Force, and my nephew and cousin are also Navy Veterans. Strong military blood runs through my veins, and do what I can for as many Veterans as possible. 

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